Business logistics

We Enjoy Moving Businesses into Profits

The Removal

Every company, may it be a large firm or a small local firm need their own transport logistics company. We provide each of our clients with a business removal specialist which can help them with the moving of items between stores etc. Our specialists in the business department have many years of experience working with many large companies based in and out of the UK. Whether your trade is construction, fine arts or retail, we can assist in the transfer of your items safely and successfully. All our removal teams are fully equipped with PPE and trolleys to meet specific requirements you may need from us as part of your moving process.

Packing Material

Packing materials are a very important part of every move, to keep your items safe. We provide boxes, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, sellotape and protective covers to cover any furniture , fine art or fragile items you may have. These materials is included in the price you are quoted for your move. The quantity of each item you receive will depend on the number of items you have, this can be discussed with your personal specialist.


As you may understand, accidents can be made by even the most experienced of us. This is why we include fully comprehensive business insurance our quotes, which cover damages to our clients items up to a cost of £500,000.00. This gives our business clients reassurance that if anything would happen to go wrong they are in the right hands to deal with these unexpected events. This cover may also be increased for a small fee if the items being transported are of a higher value.