Frequently Asked Questions

Our teams arrive at your property/office with masks and gloves on at all times. We have temperature guns to detect any temperatures and our teams are weekly tested to keep both you and our employees safe.

We are fully insured for home and business removals. Our home moves are covered up to £100,000.00 and our business moves up to £500,000.00. If you would like to increase this amount please let us know when booking and we would be happy to help.

We do provide packing services. When speaking to your personal removal specialist he would be able to advise you the best option in regards to this. Usually clients request packing services the day prior to their move. We can also provide same day packing services and moving, however, this is subject to the amount of items which need to be packed etc.

We have a range of vans. These go from transit vans to 7.5 tonnes. We can also supply multiple vans for moves depending on the clients requirements.

All our quotes include boxes, bubble wrap and wrapping paper. The quantity of these materials is calculated by us and our teams have extra in their vans if needed. These can also be delivered to your home/office address prior to your move.

We believe the earlier we start the better. We are able to arrive from 8am, however, as the client you are able to request a later starting time and if needed we can also arrange an earlier time. Starting earlier would reduce the stress on you as the client as the move would be less rushed and less hectic. This is also better if you need to be out of the property at a specific time, this can also be discussed with your removal specialist.