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Home Removals


When booking a bespoke home removal service from us we provide each client with their own personal removal specialist. This will be their main point of contact when contacting us regarding your move. The removal specialist will video call, voice call and even exchange videos of your items on the company WhatsApp account in order for us to make sure we send the correct van size to you may require or if it may be multiple vans needed. This interaction can also enable us to determine what types of protective materials you may require.

Packing materials are a very important part of every move, to keep your items safe. We provide boxes, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, sellotape and protective covers to cover any furniture, mattresses and mirrors. These materials are included in the price you are quoted for your move. The quantity of each item you receive will depend on the number of items you have, this can be discussed with your personal specialist.

All moves are fully insured with a home removals insurance which allows a claim of up to £100,000.00. Accidents do happen even when the best of teams are working at their full potential. So our home removal insurance gives you, the customer, peace of mind and a stress-free move.